Feb 01, 2019 · Joint Russian Armed Forces Operations Base. New York. West Point Garrison AU: Harry goes to a different school, makes new friends, and learns about his role in the world. Things start coming to a head in Fifth Year, when the War and Hogwarts converge on him. HPLL, femBZOC, OCs; minor slash. ON HOLD

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I have this real angsty rp idea, so like ya Includes topics such as: Underage drinking and smoking, abuse and an overall shorty home life, etc. OK so my idea is, Richie Tozier has an abusive father, only his father, his mother is dead. reddie richie tozier richie x eddie eddie x richie dadbod dadbod richie dad bod richie reddie fics ao3 it 2 it chapter 2 stephen king’s it eddie kaspbrak reddie rambling bill hader dadbod! richie i dunno he looks pretty fit to me richie trashmouth richie trashmouth tozier Child vomiting at night fine during day

A self-fulfilling Hogwarts AU in which Louis is new to seventh year and Harry is the resident devil-may-care Slytherin set to make his entire experience a living misery. Due to less than favourable circumstances they're forced to forge an unwilling, tentative relationship for their own survival. Reddie fic by belby, Chapters:1/1 Summary: The sympathy in Bev’s voice is also written all over her face. She parts her lips, trying to find the right words, one eye slightly pinched. And even worse than the pity is the fucking knowing. This overwhelming sense that she has some idea of what’s going on right now.

An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Organization for Transformative Works George Harrison couldn’t believe it, his friend from school, his only friend might i add James Paul McCartney had gotten him a place in a band he was a part of.

Nursing diagnosis for gerd nandaAircoookie wled-If you see this story anywhere else other than on here or on my Ao3, it was stolen. -Thanks for reading!)) Pairing: Reddie (Post Chapter 2)/(No Pennywise AU) okay but the stranger things inspired reddie au where eddie dumps richie,,, yes the power. also i can imagine richie ranting about him to mike bill and stan and stan just rolling his eyes. YES! Richie... Jan 14, 2020 · Reese’s Good Omens One-Shot MasterlistIf a story has no gender/other indicator beside it, it is made to be read by anybody (the others are as well, if you don’t care about the use of... I get that AO3 was supposed to be made as the better alternative to fanfiction.net, and it does have a lot of things I like about it better, but the tagging system is so broken its ridiculous. First of all, there should be some kind of tag limit like fanfiction.net. Maybe a bit less restrictive but still a limit. reddie reddie fanart richie tozier fanart richie tozier eddie kaspbrak eddie kaspbrak fanart stanley uris stan uris stan uris fanart werewolf!richie witcher!eddie shapeshifter!stan superhuman!AU losers club au losers club losers club fanart IT movie AU it movie it 2017 it 2019 it chapter 1 it chapter 2 it chapter one it chapter two it chapter I ...

The “Obi-Wan gets a hug” Mortis AU written solely to allow for more feels, with extra bits tacked on when I feel like it Beneath the Sand ( on AO3 ) A small change in Imperial policy leads to a slightly kinder universe for our favourite hermit i really love how in the new update when pansy mention locking drarry in a room, ron politely goes “no thanks” because he probably knows that about harry and honestly, ron is SUCH a good bean !!!

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Love, Richie (ao3) When Richie starts anonymously emailing another closeted gay kid at his high school, he accidentally falls in love with him only for everything to fall apart. Based on the movie... deadcatwithaflamethrower: hebic: kyraneko: balencia: kitrazzle: pissedoffweasley: wizardingheadcanon: kyraneko: elidyce: thatgirlonstage: fuckyeahdeathlyhallows: sirlestrange: #that is a human as a rat as a cup That was a long 12 years for Wormtail. Can you imagine how differently their lives would’ve gone if Ron, in trying to transfigure Scabbers, had actually transfigured him back into a ... Angular 4 trim whitespace in htmlSharp zero 2
Dec 29, 2014 · As long-term Harry Potter fans we have always wanted a Hogwarts robe of our own. This was actually made for a Halloween party, but could be worn to any dress up parties. Perhaps even a Harry ...